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Features and Benefits

Great ROI

Free, full rights, others charge hundreds (monthly limits for free, contact us now).


Literately 15 minutes of your time, quick and super easy.

Done For You

All you do is show up, we create, put in special effects, render and deliver the completed video to you.


No payment until we decide on what, how, and when ¬†you want it. ¬†Schedule a time below and let’s get started.

Note: Introduction, Interview and Spokesperson include Simple Intro/Outro, Lower Third and Logo

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 Free

We will do 1 recording session up to 30 minutes to record your videos and you can record multiple videos. We offer this as a “get to know us” service and as long as you are willing to take action and use these videos we will do them. If people start delaying and not moving forward with their marketing we will discontinue this offer.


Hosted – This video is hosted on 3rd party servers due to how it is delivered. If that 3rd party goes out of business your video will disappear.

Per Month

These videos are usually done on a monthly basis for the price listed with 3 months payment required in advance. We will also usually do 3 videos for the price of 2 depending on the content, production costs and our time. Contact us to see if a 3 for 2 or custom offer is possible.

What is your refund policy?

30 Days 100% money back no questions asked. Make sure you are ready to get us what we need so we can get your video to you in 30 days or less. Once you pay the 30 days starts and we will not start before payment is made, no exceptions.

Can I get more than just the one video?

Sure, see the questions above for multiple videos or subscriptions.

I don't know how to do videos, will you help?

Absolutely, that is part of what we do and have done for hears. Piece of cake even if you have never done a video before.

Are there any additional costs?

Just what is listed unless you want multiple videos or a custom order which we are happy to talk about.