Problems With Your Online Reputation?



Company Is Not Listed In The Correct Directory Sites

Thousands of customers everyday search on local business directories like Google+, Yelp, Yahoo Local, and dozens of other sites to find the most reputable company to do business with. After extensive research we found that your company could not be found or is not properly set up on some of the most vital directories for your business. 87% of customers that are referred to you go online to find your company information and majority of them are looking for reviews about your company.

Research, Set Up, and Claim Local Directories
  1. Proper Industry Directory Research
    1. Develop detailed research on local directories based on industry keyword research
    2. Research top competitive companies to find directories they are listed on
  2. Proper Set Up And Claiming Of Your Business Listing
    1. Create accounts on the best industry specific directories
    2. Proper set up of your company information and categories on each site
    3. Claiming of your listings in order to control them and respond to reviews
No Reputation Monitoring System

Unlike the 100’s of different software that can monitor your social engagement, brand and company name, these technologies like Google Alerts cannot monitor your reputation. When people leave reviews on a directory site like yelp, they never mention your name because they’re already on your business listing. Therefore, with dozens of review sites that are out there, there is no way for even the most sophisticated social or branding software to know if bad reviews are being posted and no way to follow up to get the bad reviews eliminated.

Create a monitoring process with our team that monitors, tracks, and reviews your listings on a daily basis
  1. Create a monitoring process that daily monitors, tracks, and reviews your online review sites
  2. Utilize our team and processes to notify you when bad reviews are posted
  3. Manually setup an protocol to review all your sites and notify your company of bad reviews
  4. Develop a positive alert protocol so your team is notified about 5-star reviews so that they can follow up with the reviewer for a possible referral
Multiple Bad Reviews, Poor Ratings, And No Reviews Found

We’ve found bad reviews and poor ratings about your company on local business directories. Each poor review not only is publically read by your potential customers, but it also brings down your reputation score on local directory sites. We also found local directories where you have no reviews at all. Many local directories such as City Search and Insider Pages aggregate reviews from other sites. Therefore both good and bad reviews can spread to other sites very quickly.

Average Up Your Reviews and Bury Your Bad Reviews
  1. Post more 5 Star Reviews to bring your reputation score up
  2. Post more 5 Star Reviews to push the bad reviews off the first page of your listing
Not Enough Reviews To Be Trusted

Consumers will read an average of 10 reviews before making a decision and research shows that customers do not trust a company that has less than 10 five star reviews. Therefore your company needs a strategy to quickly get more online reviews to show up on your directory listings.

Create A Print And Mobile Review Strategy
  1. Create professionally designed media center with print media to collect customer reviews
  2. Create a professionally written email campaign to collect customer reviews
  3. Design a customized mobile app for customers to leave feedback on a tablet
No Effective Online Feedback System For Surveying & Collecting Reviews

Employees and staff are motivated when they are praised and get feedback on the great job that they are doing. It’s also critical for you and your team managers to understand your customers experience and where your employees are falling short and need to improve.

Create A Customer Feedback Strategy
  1. Create a professionally designed survey with important feedback questions
    1. – Are you interested discounts on our other services?
    2. – Is this your first time with us?
    3. – Would you refer us to others if they needed our products and services?
  2. Create an incentive program for customers to leave feedback
    1. – Enter to win a prize when you give us feedback
  3. Develop custom analytics to track the results and report them back to you and you staff
    1. – What percentage of people left gave feedback and reviews
    2. – What customers are interested in other services
No Review Posting Strategy

Companies that get reviews from their customers cannot post those reviews online because local directories like Yelp, Google, Bing, and dozens of other have proprietary filters and algorithms to delete reviews that are posted from the same computer IP network. Under no circumstances should anyone post reviews on behalf of a customers as it is typically against a sites Terms Of Service and possibly FTC regulations.

Develop a proprietary strategy that motivates and inspires customers to leave reviews on local directories after they give feedback
  1. Develop strategies that incentivizes customers posting reviews after leaving feedback
  2. Build a process that follows up with customers to leave reviews
No Control Over Bad Reviews Being Posted

No matter what strategy a company uses to collect reviews; your company does not have control over the fact that customers may post bad reviews. Your business is only one customer a way from getting a poor reputation online.

Create A Review Posting Filtering System

Building a private feedback page will ensure that when bad reviews are written that they will never be public. You will be notified and emailed these bad these reviews so you and your staff can address them if you would like privately and internally.


  1. Create a process that bad reviews get filtered and sent to your companies manager
  2. Create a process forward 5 Star reviews online on important local business directory sites
  3. Allow 5 star reviews to left on your feedback page to be copy and pasted to local directories
No Video Marketing Review Strategy

96% of customers polled said they find video helpful when making a decision to buy and 71% say that videos leave a positive impression on customers that visit their site. You do not presently have any video reviews to be able to promote the great customer service and experience that you give on your website, social media, or on any of your business listings.

Create professional 45-60 second video “Review Commercials” to promote you as a market leader each month.
  1. Film in Hollywood style studio with professional spokes model that promotes your reviews
  2. Produce a “On Site” location shoot of someone reading your 5 star review in an ipad
  3. Create prime time graphics and animation with a call to action
  4. Photo of your office to drop the spokes model into your office
  5. Professionally optimize and geo tag videos to rank for your company name and reviews
  6. Syndicate videos to YouTube, Daily Motion and other social media platforms
No Web 2.0 Review Images

Customers engage in social media and engage in sites like Pinterest, Foursquare, and photo sharing sites and local businesses need to create top of mind awareness and engage customers where they are at.

Our team will design professional “Review Images” that immortalize your 5 star reviews in a graphics format for posting.
  1. 4-6 professional “Review Image” graphics each month with your branding
  2. Size photos to be used with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter
No Reputation Marketing On Your Website

Almost 3 out of 4 consumers say that online reviews are a major factor in deciding or not deciding to buy a product or service. Currently on your website, you do not have the authority or social proof to show the customers who have visited your site that you are the leader in the marketplace.

Harnessing the power of written and video testimonials and adding them directly to your website for new and existing customers to see.
  1. Branding of your company as a market leader with written and video testimonials
  2. Posting written and video 5 star reviews to you websites home page for visitors
  3. Create a “Testimonials Page” that displays dozens of 5 star reviews from around the web
  4. Collect and market the number of 5 star reviews you have from around the web
  5. Set up “Feedback Page” on your website to allow customers to leave reviews
No Reputation Marketing To Your Social Media Sites

Facebook is the #2 app used to find local businesses and social media is a vital part of every business need to engage their prospects and customers in proving that they are a market leader.

Daily post written, image and video testimonials and adding them directly to your social media to create top of mind and brand authority.
  1. Post written, image, and video reviews to your Facebook timeline
  2. Post written, image and video reviews to your LinkedIn profile
  3. Post image and video reviews to your Google+ Local profile
  4. Post written and video reviews to your Twitter profile
No Reputation Reporting Process

It’s important that you and your team keep up to date on the progress of creating and maintaining a 5-star reputation online. Therefore, you need a detailed process that will inform you of both the good and unfavorable reviews in a report that you can share with your team.

Develop and maintain a reputation reporting process
  1. Create a monthly reputation reporting system that tracks reviews
  2. Create a comparative report that compares success every 90 – 120 days
  3. Develop Reputation Marketing analytics to track our reputation marketing efforts to all your social outlets and customers.
  4. Create branding for the report so that you can use it to share with your staff and others to encourage them on the great job that they’re doing
  5. Note: It can also be used as a learning tool to educate them on issues that arise when receiving bad reviews
No Multi-Location Reputation System

Each company location will have its own listing on all the major directories. If one location receives bad reviews, it can’t impact the other location’s reputation. Therefore, each location’s reputation must be monitored.

Build a multiple location-based reputation reporting process
  1. We will duplicate the process of capturing, posting, monitoring, and reporting reviews on a per-location basis. This will give you a report that reflects your entire reputation company-wide
No Reputation Marketing Staff Training (Reputation Marketing Culture)

It’s important to remember that every company is only one customer away from having a bad reputation. It isn’t enough to create and manage a 5-star reputation. It’s important to be proactive in creating a reputation marketing training process for your staff. The most successful companies create a Reputation Marketing Business Culture.

Build a reputation marketing training center for your staff
  1. We will build a customized and branded reputation marketing training solution each one of your staff. This will educate and inspire them to engage in developing and maintaining a 5 star reputation.
  2. We will create individual training videos in order to educate your staff on why your online reputation is vital to your marketing strategies. This will insure that each one of your employees will have a clear understanding of how they can contribute and ensure that your company emerges as the market leader.
  3. We will create a quizzing system where your staff can login, watch the training, and take a short quiz on what they’ve learned. This will help us make sure that each of your staff are on the same page.
  4. We will then notify you on how they performed with the training so you have an understanding of which of your staff has a clear understanding of your goals and which ones might need a little more support.
  5. Developing a training system for your company ensures a proactive approach to creating and maintaining your 5-star reputation and will almost guarantee your seat at the table as being a market leader and most reputable company to be doing business with.

Reputation Marketing Proposal

Reputation Marketing – Setup

1. Directory Setup
  1. Develop detailed research on local directories based on industry
  2. Research top competitive companies to find directories they are listing on
  3. Create and claim accounts on best industry-specific directories
  4. Proper setup of your company information and categories on each directory site
  5. Claiming your listings in order to control them and respond to reviews
  6. Confirm a list of your citations and company details
  7. Set up a process to monitor your listings on major directory sites
2. Private Feedback Page Setup & Mobile App
  1. Create a private review page to capture reviews
  2. Brand the review page with company colors, logos and branding
  3. Create print media center with business and postcards to capture reviews
  4. Develop a custom mobile app to capture reviews
  5. Create survey question and incentives for customers leaving reviews
  6. Set up your review page with testimonials
3. Review Process Setup
  1. Create a protocol for reviewing online directories for all review posted
  2. Develop a review process to send alerts on all bad reviews to you or your support team
  3. Create a process to notify you or your sales team with positive reviews for follow up
  4. Create professionally designed review postcards and business cards you can print and send
  5. Create a marketing email to request your current list to post reviews for you
4. Video Review Commercials
  1. Professional spokes model
  2. Prime time graphics and animation
  3. Technical sign off of company branding
  4. Optimize videos for your company name
  5. Post 5 Star review videos online
5. Reputation Marketing Staff Training Center

Create a comprehensive training center for your company that will:

  1. Educate your staff on the importance of 1st Class Service
  2. Create a clear understanding of the importance of a 5 Star reputation online
  3. Inspire your staff to get reviews and engage your customers
  4. Set up a quiz system to gauge their understanding of reputation marketing
  5. Report the results to you so you have clarity on what your staff understands

Reputation Marketing – Monthly

1. Daily
  1. Daily review of your online directory sites
  2. Daily reputation review alerts to your company on new reviews
2. Weekly
  1. Posting of new 5 Star reviews to your website
  2. Posting 5 Star Reviews To Your Social Media
3. Monthly
  1. Build and maintain a 5 Star reputation online each month
  2. Create and syndicate 1 review/reputation video each month
  3. Create comprehensive Reputation Reporting Analysis for you and your staff
  4. Focus on pushing down bad reviews and averaging up your reputation score
  5. We will work with your staff to help them respond to negative reviews
  6. We believe that it is vital for a company to respond personally to all negative reviews

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