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(and yes this does count as you writing the book)

What Is The Goal Of This eBook Offer

To bring you business, clients, and show you as an authority

How Does This Work?


  1. You (we help) pick a topic that you feel resonates with your audience
  2. You (we help) pick a presentation method you feel works best (see below)
  3. We interview you on that topic using a proven formula (see Pricing Tables below)
  4. We get that interview transcribed
  5. We get that transcription turned into text for a 20 to 30 page eBook
  6. We add links to affiliate offers related to your eBook (optional)
  7. We get a cover graphic and 3 to 4 graphics for the body of the book
  8. We deliver to you:
    1. The video recording of the interview
    2. The audio recording of the interview
    3. The source document of the eBook in MS Word
    4. A PDF of the eBook ready to be delivered
  9. You (we help) send an offer for your eBook to your list (optional)
  10. We and you market your eBook to other traffic (optional)

Not Sure How To Start?

We have that covered as well and will walk you through the entire process

1 – 1 – 1

From Jason Fladlin of Rapid Crush (or wherever he got it from) comes the 1-1-1 presentation method. Solve 1 problem, with 1 solution, in 1 sitting. The solution can have 3 steps, 2 parts, etc. but the basic idea is you are NOT solving the worlds problems. You are solving 1 problem the reader has right now, in 1 sitting.

Step – By – Step

Basic step-by-step presentation method solving some problem or achieving some result. You did this and this is how your reader will be able to replicate what you already did. Not written in the past tense but it has been done, is proven and either you did it personally or coached, taught, or guided someone else through it and they did it.

Identity – Struggle – Discovery – Result

From Kevin Rogers and The 60-Second Sales Hook comes the Identity-Struggle-Discovery-Result presentation method. First get the reader to identify with you, who you are and why they should listen to you (possibly because you are like them, an expert, etc.). Second what you struggled or fought with and never won or overcame. Third what you realized or discovered and how that allowed you to win or overcome what you struggled with. Fourth how things are now and why you would not have gotten here without the discovery and more importantly why the reader will not either.

Please Note:

We reserve the right to refuse any eBook or book deal for any reason and all deals must be agreed to by both parties to move forward. We may not do any book deal for free or less than $500 unless you have and send to an Email list of at least 1,000 Email addresses, it is warm, it is not purchased, etc. If you do not have a list of at least 1,000 we can help you build one if you would like.

Additional or final edits or drafts may require a Zoom conference call and you agree to participate in this additional call if needed. There is no charge for this and is part of any eBook package that we do for you.

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